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things luhan says in variety shows/interviews (part 2/?)

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luhan in snapbacks

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Taisuke: It’s bad brother! Shii is working as a cam girl! She’s practically showing her underwear and handing out fliers!
Koichi: What are you saying? Today’s a workday, right? What about work?
Taisuke: She quit because of a Post-it!
Koichi: She quit?! She quit and is handing out Post-its?!
Taisuke: No, there was a Post-it on her face.
Koichi: A Post-it on her face?!
Taisuke: So then, she quit her company and is a cam girl right now.
Koichi: What’s a cam girl?
Taisuke: You don’t know what a cam girl is?! It’s an abbreviation of campaign girl!
Koichi: Ah, ah right! A Post-it campaign?
Taisuke: I told you, the Post-it was…
Koichi: So, she had a Post-it on her face, and now she’s distributing them?
Taisuke: Brother, forget I said anything about Post-its. Your precious little sister is standing in the street pretty much showing her underwear! Not only that, but she’s passing things out!
Koichi: Post-its?
Taisuke: CONDOMS!
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